FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Online Proofs

Can I see a proof? 
Your card can be proofed free online. Therefore, you can check that all details are correct before you place an order. Please note that once an order is placed it will be printed exactly how the details and picture appear on the screen.

General Inquiries

Can I mail in a photo?
Unfortunately, the Dignity Cards website is purely an online business and all pictures must be uploaded on our website. We do not have the facilities to scan in hard copy photos. 

Can I get samples of the cards?
We have sample cards available. Please email your details (name, address) to inquiries@knosas.com to request a sample pack.

Can I order more cards?
Yes, simply keep a note of your order number and contact us with the quantity you require. We can print more cards exactly as your first order.

How do I insert unusual letters?
Simply go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools and Character Map. Here you will find all kinds of letters.

Can I make changes to my card after ordering?
Unfortunately, we are unable to make any changes to the card once the order has been confirmed. 

What if I change my mind and wish to cancel the order?
Completed orders are non-refundable and returns are not accepted. Once the card has been printed we are not able to make changes or refund your money. 


How will my order be delivered?

Your order will be mailed directly to the recipient's address you provide us and delivered by USPS. Cards are delivered 3-5 working days from receipt of order. An email will be sent to you informing you when your order has been dispatched.

Billing Inquiries

Who will be billing me for the order?
Knosas LLC owns and operates the Dignity Cards website.

Our Address is:

3330 Cumberland Blvd

Suite 175

Atlanta GA 30339

On your credit card statement, the debit name for the order will be Knosas LLC.

Does the price include sales tax?
At this time, orders are not subject to sales tax. 

What are your payment methods and how are they received?
We accept VisaMasterCard and American Express.

Is the payment method secure?
Yes, we use an independent company called Innovative Gateway Solutions who specializes in the processing of online transactions. The order is processed through their highly secure payment system and all information provided is encrypted. Please note we never have access to your credit card details. 

What is your refund policy in the event I am not satisfied with my cards?
Dignity Cards endeavors to provide customers with a high quality print product and customer satisfaction is important to us. 

We have set out some guidelines below as to our refund policies: 

Human Error
Our ordering system is automated which means we are unable to make any changes to the uploaded card once the order has been confirmed and processed. We ask customers throughout the ordering procedure to check all the details and images uploaded before finally confirming an order. Guidelines to check picture image quality are detailed in our FAQ section and also on our card Preview Page under the heading “Check Picture Quality”. 

Since we offer a free online proofing facility, it is the responsibility of the customer to check their card before ordering. If the image is of poor quality or there is a spelling mistake, we regret that we are unable to offer a refund. 

As a goodwill gesture, if you would like to place another order we can offer a 30% discount. Please give us a call and we will give you your own discount code to input. 

Quality Standards 

If you are dissatisfied with the product please send an email to inquiries@knosas.com outlining the issue(s). We may also require you to return the cards to the office to review the issue. 

Picture Quality

Our products are printed on the latest digital technology machines. The print quality is of an extremely high standard. If a quality image is supplied then a quality card will be produced. Guidelines to check picture image quality are detailed in our FAQ section and also on our card Preview Page under the heading “Quality Check”. 

If on examination it is concluded by both parties that the delivered product does not represent the confirmed order, then our refund policy is as follows:

A) A 30% discount will be offered on the product (but no replacement card).

B) If it is concluded there was a genuine printing error and the cards printed do not meet the company’s acceptable standard after reviewing the returned goods, we will either:
-reprint and redeliver the cards free of charge


-provide a full refund 

Damaged Product
If your product is damaged in transit we will offer either: 

a replacement order free of charge or a full refund on receipt of returned goods.

Please note: Customers may be asked to either send one sample back or email a digital picture of the damaged product. (This is for quality control reviews and also for insurance reasons).


Uploading Pictures

What kind of file do I need to upload?
The website at present can only facilitate a jpeg file. This is the standard format generated by your digital camera. 

To check the file is a jpeg right click on the actual picture file. A list of options will pop up with "Properties" at the bottom. Click on "Properties." A window will open with two tabs at the top, "General" and "Summary." The “General” tab is displayed and you can view the type of file. 

Files should be at least 300 dpi  (300 pixels per inch) or standard print quality. 

What kind of resolution does the picture need to be?
To check the print resolution of the picture, click on the "Check Picture Quality" button. If you magnify this proof up to 200%, you will be able to view the sharpness of the picture. If the picture is blurred, then the picture resolution may not be of high enough quality to send to print. If the picture is clear at 200%, then the printed quality will be fine. Please note uploading a high quality image will yield better reproduction results. If you are using a picture that has been emailed to you, please make sure the sender did not reduce the size of the picture. Be sure they send you the picture in the format and size generated by the camera. 

Do I have to use a digital camera?
Ideally digital cameras produce the best quality pictures. If you are using a picture taken using a camcorder or mobile phone please refer to the section above which details how you can check the resolution of the picture. The quality of the picture is often not as good from mobile phones or camcorders. 

What kind of picture works best? 
Simple and natural ones. If you look at the pictures we have taken you may get an idea. Try to keep background noise to a minimum and if possible use natural light instead of a flash. We can work with color or black & white pictures.